PCB soldering mask questions

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Hi guys,

I am very busy lately, so thanks for the replies in advance.

I have a PCB made by me in "KiCad". I send it for manufacturing, but received 1 million questions from the manufacturer, should we put soldering mask, should we not put soldering mask, "Do you mean to cover the both sides with solder ink all over?", its missing in the file and similar.

Whats wrong with the file, I think the mask is added by "KiCad" automatically. Now lastly they are asking me "The order is pending due to engineering question. See attahched image, I am told to put soldering mask on both sides, when i ask this, I mean if we can cover the solder ink on both sides totally. But, we have found images in file that some pads of holes are opened.
So do these pads need to be opened?"



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Just a brief glance but your 3dview looks normal so I think since your file is just missing some of the gerbers they are asking these questions. When I do them I just save and send all of the gerber files even for the layers I do not use. I don't get any questions and my boards come just as I want them.