PCB shipping regulation change

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For the last three years or so, I have been ordering bare PCBs from a few different manufacturers in China; most recently, I have been using Itead. For the most part, I have chosen International Registered Mail as my shipping choice, and have been able to track the shipment from Hong Kong all the way to my front door using Hong Kong Post tracking and then USPS Tracking. Recently, tracking info has no longer been available from the USPS Tracking web site. Today, I contacted the USPS via telephone and was told that a recent change in international postal regulations is the cause.

Now, the USPS continues to track International Registered Mail shipments, but doesn't provide any information on its tracking to the addressee. In order for the addressee to be able to track inbound international shipments, they must be classified as Priority Mail Express International, which is (of course) more expensive. I have requested that Itead add that option to their shipping choices, but they have not had a chance to reply.
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I found the same thing recently to Canada.
Evidently CanPost uses the Registration No. but does not make it accessible to the receiver??


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That does in fact appear to be the case. Also expecting a package from Itead, registered international mail with tracking. I know it left Hong Kong, and USPS used to tell you it had been notified to expect and even track its delay at Chicago (up to almost a week). But now all I get is that the tracking number can't be found.

If I am in a hurry, or the shipment is valuable, I think I will go with a common carrier offered by Itead, like DHL or UPS. Thanks for the info. I was not aware of the change.


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I can now add a little to my experience as described in post #3. The tracking number for my Itead shipment worked fine with Hong Kong post, but after leaving HK a few days ago and prior to this morning, USPS simply reported that the tracking number was not found. Today, it reports:

I am an optimist and take that message to mean that USPS now has the package. In the past, delivery from Chicago of international packages that has taken about up to a week after it acknowledged receipt.