PCB design hiring suggestion?

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I joined a club at my university and we have to launch a satellite somewhen in the winter. Our timeline to hand in the satellite is ~80 days(includes everything from assembly, testing, to hand off). We only have 4 boards out of 8-11 done. I am a 2nd year electrical engineering student.

Most of the students that know whats going on graduate, with all that work but some stayed to help out with the new members such as myself.
The project leads realized that (also due to some drawbacks) we would need more help than we currently have. I was notified of this timeline last week or so.

Is it even possible to hire someone or people to help us out with either routing or even modifying a existing design within 2-3 weeks considering 1-2 of our boards have hundreds of components (range from 100-600)? If it possible, where do I tell my leads to contact? Or where do I start?