PCB Design for BMS and 540 Motor control

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New to the forum, I'm a ME floundering with my first attempts at PCB design. I would love any feedback this community can give!

This is what I need the board to do.

This is my current prototype (please forgive the mess!)

The board keeps failing under load. I need it to control a brushed 540 motor that is being used for a power tool application. It's pulling 30-40amps at peak. After adding solder to help stop the traces from burning up it's still failing and I cannot seem to troubleshoot why. The BMS is functioning, it's just the discharge circuit that seems to be the issue now.

Is there a more robust way to manage the output to my motor? I am extremely space constrained in my enclosure which is why I'm not just using a relay or a more simple method.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!