Paper by J Barrien

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I'm looking for a copy of J Barien's "Precise Sags and Tensions in Multiple Span Transmission Lines". If anyone has a pdf version thanks


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That’s a tough one. Just one cite in a French language paper, one reference in a Japanese database, an PhD thesis on a related but different topic and an obituary that could be the author.

I‘ve reached out to someone who might know something but it is a shot in the dark. Watch this space, if I get a response I will let you know.

Why this particular paper? It’s old (that doesn’t disqualify it, but at 48 years old it’s probably been rewritten several times by people who didn’t know it exists (or might exist)).


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Apparently, this appeared in the 1975 edition of Electrical Engineering Transactions. Stanford seemed to have a copy, but you needed to be a student/member to access.


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Try to search into if it ever been published into scientific publicats. Best search parameter there is DOI number.