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So Im now working with established engineers and creating as build drawings for a lot of the older equipment at my site
I wanted to know what you store the oversized hardcopy drawings?

Is there a special type of binder or folder to keep them in?

Im also wondering what everyone uses for labeling, the one I use at the site is not very good, the adhesive looses its stick shortly after the wires have been labeled, Ive heard good things about the Brady line but I wanted to ask before ordering anything


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What size would the "oversized" hardcopies be?
You could roll the up and fit them in some large diameter tubes.

For labeling wires and cables, there are tie-wraps with tags on them for you to write on.
See the attached datasheet for some more details




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11x17 are what I print on
Check with an office supply store. That is a pretty common size in a number of industries, so they probably have a number of options to consider. Take into account how often you need to insert or remove sheets, how roughly the binders will be handled, whether it will be important to be able to write on them while in the binder, if the binder needs to be able to be opened up and stay open to a particular page easily, whether they will be kept on a shelf or in a drawer, plus any other practical considerations you can think of.

As for the wire labeling, there are a number of options that, again, depend on your specifics. Are the labels very short, such as "AR9L", or are they human readable, such as "Main pump low fluid interlock"?

About 25 years ago I bought a wire labeling system for a job that did a very nice job with very durable plastic labels. Can't remember the name of it nor do I know if it is still available. But it wasn't cheap (not outrageously expensive, either) but it only got used on the one job and has been sitting in my basement ever since. The moral is to think hard about how much you have an immediate need for something and don't let yourself get pulled into shiny toys based on "this could really be useful in the future"-type thoughts.

One thing that I have seen are plastic rings with digits and letters on them in various colors and diameters. You slide on the ones you want and then slide a piece of clear heat shrink tubing over that and seal it with a heat gun. I've stolen that idea a number of times and simply hand wrote a label on a piece of paper, taped around the wire to hold it in place, and put clear heat shrink over it. Works pretty nice on larger wires -- hard to get a readable label on small wires, though.


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I don't keep hard copies of anything anymore. Everything is stored digitally and accessible via my laptop, tablet, or smartphone wherever I go.