Optimal Amplifier and battery for 2x JBL GTO 939 & a separate mid-range woofer

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Matt Mende

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I am building a portable boombox that will run two JBL GTO 939s and a seperate smaller 2 or 3 inch woofer. The speakers take up about half or 2/3 of my budget and I was wondering what a good amplifier would be to take advantage of these 2 ohm speakers that seem to be rated for very loud sounds. Will a small Lepai amp suffice? And I want the battery to last about 3-8 hours, depending on usage. Sorry for the strange request, I am also aware that there is no reason for a third single woofer, but it is essential to the setup. Will this change the amplifier? The enclosure most likely won't be able to house a 12 volt car battery... Probably 36in x 9in x 9in


Any help appreciated,