Opinions on best *free* schematic drawing software?

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I'm tired of drawing circuits with pen and paper and would like to upgrade to a free software that I can download instead. I'm not drawing super complicated circuits, but I still would like something that helps make clean/organized looking electrical schematics. Maybe even one that will simulate the circuit for me once it's built.

It looks like there are a ton of software programs out there. Any recommendations from some experienced users?

Ian Rogers

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I too use paint... I have downloaded many symbols all of the same scale and I copy and paste..

I have ISIS but when exporting to picture, it doesn't convert very well.


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I use variations of all of the above depending on the situation.

1) If I can find a diagram already done then I fix it with Corel Photo House.

2) For publication quality drawings I use Scheme-It on the DigiKey website.

3) For quick schematics and simulation I use CircuitMaker 2000.