Op amp datsheet and search questions

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I'm using the Analog.com site, that's Linear Technology, I guess. On the search page, and I'm getting confused by the range fields, and the titles. So for example with an op-amp http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/rc4580.pdf


Page 5 Input bias current typ. 5nA Max 500nA. Then putting that into the site, for the Ibias boxes , is the left field the typical value, or min, or ???

For an op-amp that says Vcc is +/-18V, Vcc +2-16V Vee –2–16V, how should that be put into their fields for Vspan min and Vspan max ? the pop-up info says max/min Supply Voltage Vs+ to Vs-, but then the have the boxes as a lower to upper range, or ..??? Or just fill in Max +18 on the right, min +2 on the right ?

Never mind that op-amp or which 1 I want, doesn't matter, I'm just wondering about the normal way these sites normally are, thanks

I don't like trying to find parts in LTSPice, hope it gets easier
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The Ibias parameter is looking for an acceptable range in input bias current maximums that you can use in the part. In the parameter search they are going to show any component whose input bias current maximums falls within the range of 20 fA to 250 uA.

For the Vs parameters,the numbers represent the span from -Vs to +Vs, 36 V for the part you want have. Limiting the maximum to 36 V may not be beneficial since it would limit the parts that would meet that specification. If you require 36V Vs span, put that in as the minimum requirement in the Vs maximum parameter. All parts in the search should now meet that specification.

leave large ranges in parameters until you get a feel for the available parts. If you have +/- 18V supplies, you do not want to take a part capable of using +/- 20V supplies out of consideration.

that's a start.