Online library worked examples power flow problems

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Guys apologies usually I'd pop to the Uni library and grab a book, but with the apocalypse upon us, the library is closed. :(

I'm looking for worked examples of stuff like this and maybe a little higher: -

"Determine the dimensions of the Jacobian matrix for the power system in example 1. Also, calculate Δ2(0) in step 1 and 124(0) in step 2 of the first Newton-Raphson iteration. Assume zero initial phase angles and 1.0 per unit initial voltage magnitudes (except at bus 3 where 3=1.05). "

Accompanied with a pic of a 5 bus power system and a table of data.

The notes I have are no use. I'm starting to get my head around some of this jazz, but I'd like to dig into some worked examples if I could.
Would some of you lecturer guys know where I could get, tutorials and the like? It seems like everyone has his own method... it's a little confusing tbh