Online games, Suggestions?

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My addiction used to be Red Alert. I played it so much I found myself ignoring my kids. So kicked the gaming habit, cold turkey. Now I'm looking for things to do.

Does anyone have suggestions what to play for someone with almost no resources (IE money)?


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((( what's your age ))) i mostly played my 3 1-st staring iT years at the college time with MSX-s it soon lead me to realization that the 'puter games are not having an "ideal" user interface/controls - if you strobe the key with above human-normal 8Hz with two hands (making it above 16Hz) and the game still has/gives advance priority for the "enemy" . . . then the real enemy is the idiot who wrote such one-sided/corrupt game . . .

. . . leaves you 2 options
  1. cut that crap
  2. write your own "ideal" game . . . with limited hw/sw resources . . . = cut that crap


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Gaming is really up to the individual. Some like shooters, others RPG (role playing games). Then there are the phone games (?)
Candy Crush, Farming sims and such. Xbox is on most Win 10 computers and often gives away games every month or so for free.
To me though gaming is just better on a console.
You might want to list your preferences on what kinda games you like so we get a better feel of your likes.

Edit: If you have Xbox on your computer and can afford a subscription ($60.00 per year) download Roblox...…..100's of games
I'm more of a Red Dead, GTA5, Doom and Quake fan.


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Valve's Portal came out in 2007, and Portal 2 came out a while later. It's a series of tests, which are basically puzzles that you instruct your avatar, a Lara Croft look-alike, to solve with your handy-dandy portal projector and remarkable athletic abilities.

The original Portal is a single player game, where Portal 2 has a cooperative mode where 2 can play together.

Portal intro video:

You can find both of these on the Steam platform for not a lot of money (I can't remember just how much offhand)

I've had many hours of enjoyable play on these two games.

Portal 2 has a large library of user-created scenarios you can download after you've finished the 1st set. You can also create new scenarios yourself.

I may start playing it again; my old laptop croaked on me years back and I just bought a new one.


There is no charge to create an account on Steam, and there are a number of free games available from the Store. Games run from Steam are automatically updated, and saved games are stored in Steam as well as your computer; if your HDD gets trashed somehow, Steam will reinstall games & save files next time you try running it.

Steam website:
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I'm more of a board game player. There are places in the web in which you can play backgammon against individuals from all over the world, for instance.