Online beep pattern simulator?

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knows of some online beep simulator or other quick and simple solution? Basically I'm deciding on the beep pattern which would provide diagnostics for a little circuit, with different beep patterns representing different conditions. All I'm looking for is somewhere where I can make "steps" like Beep 500 ms, stop for 500 ms, beep for 100 ms, and so on. I imagine there is something of that sort somewhere, but probably not originally thought of for this purpose. Programming a chip over and over again to test it on the buzzer doesn't sound like much fun...

Hopefully someone might know of something.



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Sorry, I'm a little slow, but I do not quite get the whole picture.
Just one input to beeper ?
You could use a DIP switch to program a parallel load shift register with required pattern. Serial output would drive a buzzer. A clock would shift out the pattern one time or re circulate ??


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How many beep patterns do you need?

You can use a sub-set of Morse Code and it is available here ....

The output is in Midi and can be played back with any audio or video player.


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but I do not quite get the whole picture.
Maybe it wasn't completely explained. The question has nothing to do with programming. All I want to do is play around with some program or applet that plays beeps and silence lol. Basically I want to decide how long I want the beeps to be, and the silence between the beeps, to hint to the user if the device is operating correctly or not. Once I find out the timing I "like", I'd simply configure the chip with.

For example, 5 quick beeps in succession would probably make the user guess that something isn't normal and might merit attention. A single brief beep when connecting the device would sound pretty normal and just hint that the device is working.

You can use a sub-set of Morse Code and it is available here ...
I downloaded that from the link, but I'm not exactly sure what it is or how to use it. Ideally I'm looking for something easier to use than simply programming an Arduino to do it. With an Arduino it would probably take me a minute to test each pattern, so that's why I mentioned something online I wouldn't even have to download. I'm sure something like this exists, I'm just also sure that it's probably not advertised as what I'd be using it for.


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You are looking for a code practice oscillator. Get one that has adjustable tone. Or build one. There are many circuits.
And you will need a proper's called a key.