One-Atom-Thin Silicon Transistors Hold Promise for Super-Fast Computing


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Nothing like completion from GaN, Silicon Nitride and Strained silicon/Germanium to prompt spur innovation into the old stand-by, silicon.

I could see the conversation now...
"how much are you willing to pay for gallium nitride?", says the silicon chip maker. "If you are willing to pay that much, then we can achieve the same performance with silicon if we do A, B or C and it will still be cheaper."


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I do not think something of this will appear.
Article sounds nice, but in science such items are designed to impress those who finance.

Such a structure would be super instable.

Why is desired sending into space with old electronic processor 486?
Because due to the large transistors area are difficult to damage by radiation.

Cosmic radiation penetrates the Earth and all electro devices.
So thin it's a joke
"It can also affect air travel in the Earth’s polar regions,....."