On the nature of Time: Is time as a Super Gigantic Memory?

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Hello everyone!
    I like to share with you some of my ideas.

    The universe which contains countless stars and galaxies may be in fact a super gigantic memory constructed at a higher world as part of a simulation. Like a cell of a memory chip has a specific access address for read and write operations, a specific location in the universe can be defined properly not only by its space coordinates but also time flow around that point.

    Time is assumed to be flow of some energy like the flow of water in a river bed. This is my assumption. Direction of flow is also assumed to be in forward direction with varying flow velocities (non-uniform velocity). Any movement in space is possible only with time flow. As the time moves forward, the space unfolds (or created). We think we are moving but perhaps we may be stationary at a fixed position, and the reality is constantly created/annihilated (C/A) around us at the level of sub-atomic particles within a super tiny fraction of time. Since our bodies and senses are due to C/A process, we perceive the reality as if we move from one location to another. So, time is real but space is relative. This brings the argument of a simulated universe with an artificially constructed time flow. In fact, the entire universe can be in a room that exists at some higher reality (or higher dimension). Since the space-time can be regarded as a dynamic memory whose address contents are in a constant change, and the space unfolds as time moves forward, the process of time travel basically requires accessing to another address. Therefore, a source address, a destination address, and a channel between these two are needed for a time traveler. The channel may be a wormhole mechanism that folds the space such that the time flow within the channel is different than the time flow outside the channel.

    I like to get your feedback. What do you think?
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    If time is something that flows, then time must itself be a function of time. And that implies an infinite series. Doesn't that mean there can be no fixed points in time? So how can a source address or destination address be specified?
  3. Glenn Holland


    Dec 26, 2014
    For practical purposes, time is dimension in physics (-IE- mass, length, charge, and time) and it represents the "sequential separation" between a given event.

    Although time is an intangible quantity in the sense it cannot be touched, controlled, or contained, it does have a valid presence in the physical world.

    For example, electric current is measured by the time-separated sequence of the event of individual charges moving past a point.
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