How to judge the drinkability of water whatever its nature

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I would like to design a system that allows to judge the potability of water after having made a certain number of measurements with the available sensors such as the PH sensor, turbidity, temperature, TDS meter...

after some research I found that there are 8 essetial parameters that once respected their values we can say that the water is 100% drinkable. The settings are:

- pH (PH sensor)
- Turbidity (turbidity sensor)
- Color
- Conductivity
- Total dissolved solids (TDS metre)
- Hardness
- Temperature (temperature sensor)
- chlorine (Redox sensor

So I told myself that we have to get sensors for each parameter and with arduino we will be able to know the good results.

Am I thinking right? I exaggerated at the level of many parameters? do I have to add others or eliminate some of them?


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Agree with Albert. Bio-hazards would be top of my list.
How about salinity, heavy metals? Or do those come under TDS?