Old invisible fence/collar to send kill signal to sons power wheels. Perfect perimeter already laid out

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Proximity kill switch for upgraded 20 volt Dewalt powered power wheels. Do you think it's possible I use the collar off my dogs invisible fence to send the kill signal to the toy truck. I'm pretty novice at this stuff I've always been into it but basically self taught just random basic things I would have an idea in theory like this one and would just give it the Ole college try. I would just like to see what you guys think first cause the collars aren't cheap

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It sounds good to me.
You just need to find out what the collar output voltage is and reduce it to something that would operate a latching relay.
That could shut off the power to the motors until reset.


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My experience with shock collars is that it would take a low voltage and boost it to a much higher voltage intended to give a gentle shock to the animal. I've never taken one apart so I couldn't begin to guess how they're doing that. I'm sure it's not so difficult. For starters I'd imagine disabling the high voltage circuitry and opt to read the low voltage signal that comes in when the fence signal is detected. Use that signal to activate a transistor that drives a self latching relay, disabling the battery from the motor(s) until reset by an adult.

Just one thing to keep in mind; if the collar battery goes dead then the perimeter fencing will be ineffective and the toy can be driven off of the property. Nothing beats adult supervision. My son drove his power wheels out front while we were in back. We found him hanging off of the 2 1/2 foot retaining wall. Fortunately the foot pedals got hung up on the wall or he would have gone over backwards, landing on his back with the battery (very heavy) falling in his face. Kids can get into trouble fast.

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Possibly a simple interface would be to start with a neon bulb across the shock terminals on the collar If the bulb lights up when the collar is triggered then you can have a photo-transistor watching the neon light and that can control a transistor to operate the control relay. The advantages are: First, no digging into the collar electronics, and second: isolation of the added control circuit from the higher voltage portion. The neon bulb, an NE2, may be difficult to locate, so an equivalent could work as well.