power switch

  1. M

    I need help with a guitar amp power switch!

    Hi, so I'm not an engineer and I don't know nothing at all on this topic. These days when I tried to power on my amp, the switch button broke. Now I'm looking for another switch, which is a 2-way, 250V, 10A, 4 pins. Now my question is: Can I use a switch that has more or less than 10A? and why...
  2. B

    Old invisible fence/collar to send kill signal to sons power wheels. Perfect perimeter already laid out

    Proximity kill switch for upgraded 20 volt Dewalt powered power wheels. Do you think it's possible I use the collar off my dogs invisible fence to send the kill signal to the toy truck. I'm pretty novice at this stuff I've always been into it but basically self taught just random basic things I...
  3. Al_D

    Switching between car battery and external battery to power backup camera

    Hi, I've got a low current backup camera that I currently turn on using a cigarette port at the front of my vehicle. I want to be able to turn it on from the back also, using an external battery. The power from the cigarette port also supplies a monitor at the front, which I don't want when...
  4. S

    Philips Avent SCD630 power switch spare part number

    Hello! I have a Philips Avent SCD630 baby monitor. The ON/OFF switch part (soldered on PCB) has broken so I need to replace it. Does anybody know what is the part number and where can I buy it. Thank you!
  5. Lambo Av

    2 Generators connected to bus. Maximum, minimum voltage across light, peak voltage, pulsation

    2 generators are connected to the bus below. Given V1 = 300V, 50Hz V2 = 400V, 60Hz When the switch is opened, calculate i) the maximum and minimum voltage across both light 1 and 2. ii) peak voltage across both lights iii) maximum number of light pulsation How do I solve the issue above? Any...
  6. S

    HDD power switch

    Can someone help me build a HDD power switch please. I have prepared a schematic but I’m not sure if this is enough to protect the HDD. Schematic attached. I’m using latching 2 poles switch which turns on/off both 5V and 12V at the same time. Capacitors should be 16V 220uF I guess. Also I’m...