power switch

  1. S

    Philips Avent SCD630 power switch spare part number

    Hello! I have a Philips Avent SCD630 baby monitor. The ON/OFF switch part (soldered on PCB) has broken so I need to replace it. Does anybody know what is the part number and where can I buy it. Thank you!
  2. Lambo Av

    2 Generators connected to bus. Maximum, minimum voltage across light, peak voltage, pulsation

    2 generators are connected to the bus below. Given V1 = 300V, 50Hz V2 = 400V, 60Hz When the switch is opened, calculate i) the maximum and minimum voltage across both light 1 and 2. ii) peak voltage across both lights iii) maximum number of light pulsation How do I solve the issue above? Any...
  3. S

    HDD power switch

    Can someone help me build a HDD power switch please. I have prepared a schematic but I’m not sure if this is enough to protect the HDD. Schematic attached. I’m using latching 2 poles switch which turns on/off both 5V and 12V at the same time. Capacitors should be 16V 220uF I guess. Also I’m...