OK to use diode to drop 39v to 35v?

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I have some schokey diodes rated at 15 amps. I have a bunch of 3000mah 39 volt fully charged battery packs. I need to get to voltage down to 12 volts. Most of the cheap Buck Converters on Amazon have a voltage limit of 35v. And my project Will pull about 10a.

Can I use a couple of these dioses to drop the 5v or so?


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4V/0,7V=6 pieces?? Better to use any voltage stabilizer circuit, as an example 7805 with current booster for example 2N3055


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Can you use diodes? Yes. Should you use diodes? You have to do some math. They will dissipate the energy just like a resistor, so dropping 4v @ 10A is going to be 40W, that's a lot of heat to get rid of. And a lot of wasted energy (kills your batteries faster). A buck circuit will be a ton more efficient if you can find one that will work, or if you want to build your own.