Off-Grid Solar Charge Controller - Need advice about maximising circuitry efficiency

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Hey guys and gals,

I am a final year Electronics engineering student and I am looking for a little help with my project; An off grid PV system.

For the brief readers;

Currently I am following a design using a synchronous interleaved buck converter for the charge controller (found here; ), however, after some further research this morning I stumbled across;

LTC4412 - Acts as an ideal diode, replaces the reverse current protection diode - thus reducing V.drop during charging.
LTC1625 - Can be used as a solar charger, as it tracks MPP and adjusts current as required.

My question is; Is there any other avenues/ideas you would recommend looking into? I am looking to push the design further and really engage myself, I am even open to design overhauls, but I am a little new to the whole being capable of reading a datasheet and knowing whether its actually 100% applicable to my project.

Any advice greatly welcomed


The Boring Bits!

The project itself is very small, I am only using two panels, 1 off the shelf 250W panel, and 1 DIY panel 250W. The result being that I intend to make a comparison of the panels and work out whether DIY panels are worth the effort (terms of Power output vs cost and quality).

I want to use an arduino in order to datalog the system and keep graphs and data displayed on an LCD screen. Also the arduino is intended to be the central control hub of sorts for all the future systems. AKA I want a computer that is tracking everything about my home, temp, water flows, electricity usage, elec. generation...etc....

My overall life aim is to build a home from a systems perspective. I am a bit of a handyman and I am planning on building my home out of mud (cob), but with a heavy focus on the systems aspects; with the aim being to have minimised costs of living.

If you'd like some more specific info please ask :)
Many Thanks Rob