OFDMA - RF Scenario Base question

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A 100 MHz OFDM system with smapling rate 153.6 Msamples/s using 2048 DFT with 1200 resource elements. The fc (Center Carrier) is nulled out. Channel spacing assume 100Mhz. The first OFDM symbole per slot of 7 symbols has a cyclic prefix of length 160 samples and remaining 6 symbols have a cyclic prefix of length 144 samples.

a. What are two symbol duration?

b. What is the carrier spacing?

c. if we use 256 QAM, what is the spectral efficiency and max data rate? yes, we have Guard Band inside 100 Mhz channel?

d. What is max channel duration?

e. Would this system be more or less tolerant to multi-path channel duration than LTE ?