Norman Lear Dies at 101 years old, Died on 12/06/2023

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Norman Lear died at 101—here’s his No. 1 piece of advice for a long, fulfilling life.
″[Lear] said life is about that little space between what’s over and what’s next,” Lopez said. “What happened yesterday is over. Yes, he created “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” and produced movies and has done, like, 60 years of breakthrough television, but it’s over and he’s not sure what’s next.”

The advice echoes what many centenarians credit for their longevity: staying active.


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Norman Lear did not 'Create' "All in the Family" He purchased the rights to the British show, "Till death us do part" from Johnny Speight, who wrote the successful British show, and Adapted it for US audiences.
Same goes for 'Sanford & Son", many of the episodes even had the exact same script, just Americanized.
I have watched both versions of the shows
If you wait until the very end of the credits in "All in the Family" you will see a very short mention in small print, of Johnny Speight's name. ;)
Today in my local paper there is a very long tribute to him from United Press that makes the same error in giving him full credit, and no mention of the true originator.,
He did a good job, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. at least a mention! :(