noob filter/ decoupling/ bypass capacitor question

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hey guys,, im starting to disect an amplifier that i had laying around ..
now im going step by step, looking up the components and what function they have in the circuit ,, so i can get a better understanding of the general usage of the working of the amp, and its .components,,,

now i cant find any non tech savvy explaination for the specific place to put a capacitor in a circuit, for it to function as a filter/bypass/decouple..
i know its recomended to put a small pf. cap as close as posible to an ic`s power , and a bigger one just a bit further for power buffering ..
and the big ones in the powersupply are clear to me as well..

can anyone give a simple explaination , for were to put these capacitors.. ( on the audio tracks , or the ground planes , or the power rails )
and the connections ( polairity and why bypass specific components.) and a small bit of logic behind why ..

or maby point me to a source wich i can look into ?

many thanks in andvance