Nightmare trying to install Code Composer Studio

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I've been struggling with CCS for nearly the whole day. I finally got the bloody thing installed with the offline installer after god knows how many error messages, but now when I try to run this junk, I get the message


and the build just fails.

What can I do? I can't get IAR to work, either. After the trial, I just get a "License something something" message, when I try to compile. I thought there was a 8kB restricted free version, but I can't find it.


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I have been running CCS fine for many years (several versions) and the license is a thing of the past - i.e., it shouldn't affect you if you are using version 7 and newer.

One detail that may be causing trouble is the use of special characters in the path - this tends to cause trouble with many tools (not only CCS).

Perhaps retry with a different user, place the workspace or set the temp directory to a different place (C:\temp)?