Newbie here, need help powering with 480V

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I have a parking lot fixture (LED) with a high voltage driver rated 277V - 480V and I am doing thermal evaluation on it. I have a power supply that can only go up to 300V, so I was able to do my test at 277V. But my boss also wants to see the performance of the fixture while powered at 480V. I do not have the equipment to run it as such high voltage, i was thinking i could use a transformer, would that work? if so... what type? model? something i could use in the future. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Single phase or poly phase? Give this a read to see how 277 V is derived from typical 480 VAC. I also assume AC and not DC power. Yes, if you have 240 VAC available you can use a transformer but before going there the current must be known for your load (the product).



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277 volts and 480 volts all come from the same set of wires. With 480 volts between the phases there is 277 volts to common on each of the three phases.
Was your power supply AC or DC??
So what you need now is a transformer usually used to step 480 down to 120. Just use it in reverse to step 120 up to 480 volts. But since no wattage or current was mentioned you will need to research that part.
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