New Project -- Learning git and Github

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So, I have been looking for a way to catalog and preserve my large archive of LTspice simulations and I have just spent a couple of days learning git and the associated website Github and have just completed my first project. Some 5-10 years ago there was a fellow, kanedahiroshi, from Japan who created the LTspiceControlLibrary. This was a series of symbols and subcircuits designed for implementing feedback control systems.

Here is the link to his last update in 2018:

So, what I did was:
  1. Cloned his repository.
  2. Created a fork, which allows me to add to his work without disturbing his original work.
  3. Made some edits, added some new parts from myself and @Bordodynov, and corrected an LTspiceIV/LtspiceXVII incompatibility in one of the examples regarding voltage sources with too few parameters. IV allowed it XVII does not.
  4. Pushed my fork back up to the Github website
Getting to the new fork is as easy as changing the url by substituting my Github username for his:

If one or more of you LTspice aficionados could have a look at this and tell me if this might be a good way to do things going forward. For me the best part is that for the time being the Github account is FREE, as in beer!

I'd be more than happy to answer questions about the library of any of the examples.