New here -- How do I start a thread?


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I can not see it.
on the left top corner i see reply to thread.
On the right corner there is no Post new thread
I say again, you should not communicate in a general forum, especially hijack someone elses post.
If you need a question answered PM one of the moderators!


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How can I start my own forum.
Can not found it
You can't start your own "forum", since the forums are categories of threads established by the administrators.

What you are probably trying to do is start a "thread", which is a collection of posts on a related topic within one of the existing forums.

To post a new thread, go into one of the existing forums, such as "General Electronics Chat", and you should see a button somewhere near the top and/or bottom that says something like, "Post New Thread", probably on the right side. I can't be exact because there are at least two "schemas" in use -- a blue one and an orange one. The blue one is the older one and the one that I prefer. You are probably using the newer (and default) orange one. If you can't find it then respond to this thread and, if necessary, I'll switch to the orange one long enough to tell you where to find it.


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If you don't see a 'Post New Thread' button, it's likely because you don't have permission to post in that forum (ie - new members cannot start a thread in 'The Completed Projects' and 'Marketplace' forums).