Negative voltage circuit for varying voltage

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Hi all.

I was wondering if there is a way to make a variable negative voltage circuit. Im planning on building a multi output bench power supply using a PC PSU. I know they typically have a -12V output, but was wondering if there is any other form of circuit or device that can take a +5V or +12V out and convert that to anywhere between -2V and -35V. I an still learning about PSU's and work with audio components that require anywhere between -20V and -3V on their negative rail. (I'm still studying).

I can probably build something with an LM337 negative voltage regulator with a trim-pot (can regulate up to -37V as far as I know), but wouldn't know how to go about getting the voltage up to that using a -12V DC line on the PC PSU. I would like to keep everything coming from the PC PSU. Thanks!