Negative ion generator

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OK, the ion generator is no more than a high voltage, very low current DC supply. They typically take 12 VDC and have an oscillator drive a small transformer. The transformer in turn drives a string of voltage multipliers using diodes and capacitors the output of which is a high DC voltage.
The problem is the original poster ordered an ion generator pictured earlier in the thread. Unlike most devices like this it did not come with a data sheet. The unit has a black and red wire on one end that look to be standard light gauge wire with standard insulation. The opposite end has a pair of white wires which look to have high voltage insulation. So the question begs what are the unmarked white wires. Maybe they are a redundant output pair? Maybe they are HV with a + and - unmarked?
Enter the potato. The original poster made no mention of having a meter or any measuring tools. Thus I suggested the potato trick. If the white wires do have polarity they should behave as I mentioned.
So what it comes down to is the OP has this supposed ion generator power supply which really can't easily be identified. The images are posted back in the thread. Beats the heck out of me, :)

Hi, I know thois is an old thread but I am in a similar position, I have checked with a meter and the 2 white wires seem common/dead short
Should I common them up ??
Also the tails seem to be fibre or is that just insulation ??
Many thanks in advance