Need to replace 9 volt power supply for rechargeable batterypack

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Dawn Saviours

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Is it possible to replace the power supply adapter of my multidrumpad for a 9volt rechargeable batterypack(s), or another option? I really need to make my drumpad more portable, if guitarists and vocalists are able to move allover the stage, a drummer should be able to join them :p.

These are the specs of my Alesis Strike Multidrumpad:
Adapter: 9 VDC, 1,500 mA
Voltage: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A Max.
I could not find any Wattage in the specs, hope this is irrrelevant, since the device does not have amplifiers/speakers..
Many thanks for any feedback, been "noobing" around for a while now on this subject..


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The adapter provides 9V at 1.5A. Creating a battery pack to provide that is trivial, but 9V batteries would be a bad choice because they are very low capacity and very expensive.

A better approach would be to use rechargeable batteries. In that case you have to decide on how much size and weight you can tolerate.

For example, you could use NiMH AA cells, a battery of 8, in series would provide 9.6V and a buck-boost convertor could be used to ensure the proper voltage. If the device you are powering really needs anything like 1.5A, you could get about an hour out of them, but I am guessing it doesn't use that much so it would be longer.

Or, you could use lithium cells, like 18650s which would only require 3 in series battery to get the required voltage, so six (two series batteries in parallel) would surely run the device for quite a long time. You'd want some regulation, I expect, like the other pack.

This is not particularly hard, but starting from nothing it is going to seem so. We need more information to be able to help. You need to figure out how much current the device actually draws, not just what the adapter can supply. You need to figure out how you are going to carry the pack around, how much weight you can tolerate, and how much capacity (in amp hours, similar to how much is "in the tank") it must have—this would be run time.

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Dawn Saviours

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Dear Yaakov, many thanks for the info, much appreciated.
- Very good point to check how much current the device really! draws, will check at a local car/audio electronic shop for that.
- I would like to fasten the battery pack holder under the drumpad (, so as light as possible would be necessary, since I want to carry the multi drumpad around in a kind of larger marching snaredrum kind of setup.
- A concert or practice session is never longer than 4 hours, so I believe the lithium cells, like 18650s, maybe a very good option for this, checking now more info on this kind of battery.
I will update shortly as soon as I have more info on this subject, very glad with this provided basis info.