need to repair mobility scooter controller

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the battery charging leads have been shorted, and the fuse blew, but something is wrong, as there's now a permanent parasitic load on the battery. nothing switches it off, tho' o'wise all is well. the battery goes flat much too soon. it's a

Shoprider Pihsiang Controller

abt 2014, 2 brush motor, abt 60A and immediately pre-auto decent braking. it has one orang connector. i can have a look later, just wonder what blew, and how hard to fix? doubt it's so bad it can't be repaired economically. i imagine most 2 brush controllers have the same charging circuitry. they are fused at 10A, but i had a 30A fuse. charger output is 8A max. an extra dvm and the charger screen/LED's are now the only normal cont. load. it's a non-oem 6 stage charger, constantly plugged in to charge from the genset behind the seat. the charger, altho' o'loaded, does not crowbar its output. a 2nd charger is ordered. normally, abt 10A is drawn on flat ground at full speed. the hard part will be identifying melted components. any schematics, anyone?
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Clearly we do not have the details needed to even suggest an approach to diagnostics. Clearly "the battery charging leads" were not the only part of the circuit at the time. And clearly not directly connected to the battery terminals.

So consider what has been learned and avoid damaging the replacement controller with the same error. Disconnect the battery before recharging it.