Need to get a graphic like this with LT spcie

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Hi. I'm new in this great forum.

I can't find the way to obtain a graphic of hibrid BJT parameters, as one can see in some datasheet. I attach a picture what I need. but I don't need all plots parametrized in only one graphic. It can be a graphic for each parameter (i.e., one for hie, another for hoe, etc). all of them as a function of collector current.

I've tried with .TF command, and with .NET command in an AC analisys, but no results.

Could any of you please help me?





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For simulation you want a behavioral model where you can specify the parameters and observe the results. Look for the examples of how this is done for s-paramters.
If you want to reproduce the graphs for a given transistor you can do that in the waveform viewer by constructing the appropriate expressions.

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The graph shows the spec's only for transistors with "typical" spec's, not the range of spec's from minimum to maximum that are written in the datasheet. Also, most of the items shown on the graph are changed when the temperature changes.