Need help with replacing power switch for Motorola MBP36

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I was wondering if someone here could help me identify this power switch? It is a single pole on/off power switch for a Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor. I am trying to re-solder the switch to the circuit board and unfortunately I am having a difficult time because I am not sure what end to solder because the switch broke off before I could reattach it. Here is a few pictures to help identify the switch and also how it is connected.
Thank you for any help that you could give me in repairing this unit.





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It looks like it is a single pole push to make switch. I am guessing that the two outer solder pads are for mechanical fixing only and that it is the smaller inner pads to which the switch connects. Test this by shorting the pads together.

I would search for something similar (you will struggle to find an exact replacement) which can be glued to the PCB with epoxy resin and the connections made using thin wires.

Something like this: