Need help replacing my AC Motor

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Hi there. I'm new here. Trying to replace my failing General Electric Company AC Motor. Been online to get more information about it. The AC Motor being an old, Can't even find anything from it's Model Number. Something that will work is good enough. If Someone can tell where I can find one, or whats compatible, that will be great.

Here is the failing AC motors Info:

GE AC Motor
Mod: 7J404GX4
HP: 1/2
RPM: 1725
V: 115/230
HZ: 60
A: 8/4
PH: 1
Type: KC

That's all the information that's on the AC motor.

Thanks for your help.


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Dual voltage 4 pole .5hp 1ph induction motor, 8amps 115v - 4 amps 230v.
You don't necessarily need a dual voltage unless this is important.
Very common motor.
Other relevant data, mounting style C face etc.


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Belly band? Butt bolts? U-bracket? Foot plate? What country are you in? USA.

Failing? Bearings? Those are often replaceable.