Need help with Memory Options in CRT micronas chip

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I have rgb modded a CRT tv, it's a Panasonic TC-29FX32L, but the RGB is not working. It seems to me that it's disabled by software. This situation "looks like" something like this, but since I have a Panasonic and not a Sony, I'm trying to find out how to workaround this, that's why I'm opening this thread.

Have tested the circuit, blanking is getting the 5v just fine, but still is not enabling the RGB.

The TV has 3 service menus, #1 for PAL, #2 for memory options, #3 for NTSC, it also has a memory editor that I still haven't tested (and I hope I don't reach that point). In service menu 2 I have a Hotel Mode and 15 memory options, each has 7 binary options, as shown in the following picture:


Here's what I need help with: I presume it's from the service menu 2 that I'm going to be able to workaround this, but I need to learn what I'm messing with, I mean, I need a guide, a documentation, or something like that, and I can't find it anywhere, I can't find any article for further reading. I not even know how if I need to edit this from the service menu or edit the memory values directly.
What for? I'm in need of enabling the RGB INPUT.

If you're not fully understanding what I'm saying, you can read that article that I've posted the link here in this post, since I believe it's almost the same or the same situation.
I'm being able to get image from the video sync, but the RGB (the colors) is not working and it seems to me that the 5 volts aren't enabling the blanking.

Service manual: