need help in vhdl to simulate FPGA memory

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hi all,
i'm newbie in vhdl i will appreciate your suggestion to program that follow:

for the input i would like to use a text file which contain matrix( 10 lines and 34 column ) the values of the matrix could be from 0 to 6000 as integer ( this values are resulted from Winsnoori software used to extract frequencies , bandwidths, amplitudes and switch from any Wave file )
as a simulation of memory on the FPGA i would like a procedure of function to implement those values in the memories by line so i will use 13 input (13bits for representing the value 6000 in binary ) and the implementation (storage) between each line need to be delays by 4 millisecond.

and another function to access to the any memory of the simulated FPGA to read the data stored on it .
Thank you.