Need help with integration of Arduino with a Face Detection & Recognition program in Matlab

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    Hello all i have created a program which detects and recognizes the faces of the users it is still buggy, but it partially works it has a database which matches with the users photo pulled from the webcam, now i want to, connect Arduino with this program so when a face is recognized a pulse or data is sent to Arduino and a specific action is performed (i.e a motor will rotate, blink a LED, or unlock a door), how can this be done. Thanks.
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    Feb 19, 2010
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    Another way is to use putvalue in Matlab, to appropriately set a hardware I/O line. Connect this line to an Arduino pin and monitor it for the desired state. The Arduino can be programmed for any action you desire. While I have programmed Arduino, I am less familiar with Matlab and researched using digital I/O.

    This uses two wires to communicate a simple state change, with minimal programming.
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    hey man i am working on a similar project . can u please tell me how did you maintain the database to match the photo pulled from webcam.would help a lot.
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    This thread is over two years old. Not likely the the TS is still listening.