Need help with a project -SSI Logic Design

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Implement F(A,B,C,D)=(summation)m(0,3,5,9) using two 74138 IC's and additional gates.

Any idea how to do this? Need help with the logic diagram and connections on a breadboard.


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As it is a project for a design lab, I moved it to the homework forum.
As @dl324 said, post what you have found until now and we will try to guide you to the solution.
You will learn more this way, then getting a complete solution.



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No, a project for my Logic Design lab. We finished the class on this last week but can't figure it out.
Which means it's homework. The term "homework" basically means anything where the primary purpose is for you to learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills, but this is particularly the case when there is any kind of academic credit involved.

As others have already said, you need to show your best attempt to work it out. That gives us a starting point to help you find where you are getting stuck and help you past that particular sticking point so that you can proceed, at least a bit further, on your own. You will learn very little if someone just shows you a complete solution.