Need help with a project involving two R/C grade BLDC motors

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Right now I don't have any specifics outlined, but I'm designing a Blower. think of it as a shop vac where you've connected the hose to the exhaust so its blowing air out, instead of sucking. I specifically want to use two brushless motors, the Mid-to-high end drone/airplane kind. Ideally I'd like to be able to have this thing plugged into the wall for power, but I am having a difficult time finding any info about running BLDC motors and their ESC's using a DC power supply instead of LiPo batteries. I'd be willing to use batteries, but I want the runtime of this thing to be pretty long, >1hr. I also want to control the speed of the motor (impeller) using a dial. My Concerns are:

What is the most compact way to power a motor like this one?
-Could I find a SAFE compact (pack of playing cards sized) power supply for something like this?

The finished project needs to be stupid easy to use. Plug it in, flip the switch, just works.

This would be a "force dryer" for dog grooming. The commercially available one i'm using now uses a Brushed motor that on full blast draws about 10.7Amps. I see a lot of these small BLDC motors pulling 100+amps! I work in a Mobile dog grooming van, and it uses 4 deep cycle flooded cell batteries to power our equipment. So in an environment like that, if I succeed in building this BLDC dryer, will it end up being harder on our battery system? I want to build a smaller, quieter dryer with stronger "Air Force" than what I'm currently using.

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Those Motors are NOT designed for Continuous-Duty use.
They will over-heat very quickly.

A high-end Hair-Dryer with an Inverter to power it would be a better plan, and much cheaper.
Forget portable Batteries, You want way too much Power and run-time.