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So Im working on a small school project and was wondering if anybody can help me to solve my issue.

I have 10 1w LED and 2 12v motors. I need to calculate and see what kind of battery I need to run these and if anybody can help me to design a PCB for these that would be awesome!! I posted the link to the LED and Motor that I'm going to use.


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Any 12V battery will work, but the capacity of the battery depends on how long you want it all to run (continuously).
2 motors at 260mA will use 520mAH per hour or running. The LEDs don't give a specific current rating, but 10 LEDs would have to be either wired in parallel or some combination of series/parallel. That will determine the current load of the 10 LEDS. Assuming 1W each in parallel (with dropping resistor), you would need about 80mA per diode (12V x 80mA = 0.96W). 10 diodes would need 800mAH per hour of running. Total (worst case( is 1.320Ah per hour of running. A 10Ah battery would give 10/1.32 = 7.57 hours run time.

You have to figure out how the LEDs are wired. Putting 3 or 4 or 5 in series would reduce the current load and increase the run time of any given battery.


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So Im working on a small school project and was wondering if anybody can help me to solve my issue.
Before we can do that, we need to know the learning objective of this project. If it's to learn how to determine the type of battery you need or how to wire the LEDs then, obviously, we can't just feed you answers.


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The items that you are calling LEDs are NOT LEDs. They are laser diodes according to your link. They normally require more control of the drive voltage and current than LEDs. I don't think you can just connect them in series as you would with LEDs.



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...... and 1W laser diodes could do serious damage to vision. Is your school supervisor aware of the danger?


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When I worked in a laboratory that was, among other things, developing laser diodes and optical fibers in the late 70's, they had all of us get comprehensive vision screening before doing any work. I like to think it was to protect us and not them if we suffered damage from lasers.