Single cylinder Arduino CDI code works, but does need a little tweeking. Can you help please?

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// This Arduino Uno code for a single cylinder bike, it reads an input pulse and outputs a SCR pulse with a delay determined by RPM.
// I found it online and I bench tested it with a dual beam scope and it looks like it will work well enough for me, but for one issue.
// Q: I'd like to mute off the SCR pulse on pin 0 below 1500rpm (enabling me to use an available later fixed 10 deg. BTDC SCR pulse for better stability).
// Is there simple mod to this code that would do this? See // following 'attach interrupt'. Cheers!

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#include <math.h>

#include <avr/power.h>

int trig = 2;

int led = 3;

int SCR = 0;

int deg_retard = 0;

long spark_time = 0;

long micro_wait;

unsigned long micro_per_deg;

//rpm stuff

volatile byte trigger_count;

unsigned long rpm;

unsigned long timeold;

void setup()


if (F_CPU == 16000000) clock_prescale_set(clock_div_1);

pinMode(trig, INPUT);

pinMode(SCR, OUTPUT);

pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

attachInterrupt( 0, pulse, FALLING);


void loop()


if (trigger_count > 0) {

micro_per_deg = (micros()-timeold)/180;

timeold = micros();

trigger_count = 0;

if (micro_per_deg >= 110){deg_retard = 55;} // retards 55 deg. below 1500 rpm

// I want to mute off the output SCR pulse below 1500rpm

// I thought deleting this line might do it, I tried that, it all still verifies but still doesn't mute it.

if (micro_per_deg < 110 && micro_per_deg > 55){deg_retard = 45;} // retards 45 deg. between about 1500 and 3000 rpm

if (micro_per_deg < 55 ){deg_retard = 35;} // retards about 35 deg. above 3000 rpm

micro_wait = deg_retard*micro_per_deg;



void pulse()





void fire()



digitalWrite(SCR,HIGH); //sends transistor high

delayMicroseconds(350); // spark duration 350uS

digitalWrite(SCR,LOW); //Transistor goes low

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