Need help to identify two types of connectors

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    Feb 17, 2018
    Well, first of all I would like to greet everyone since this is my first post here.
    So, thank you for even opening this post ;)

    I'm doing one small project for which I need to buy two types of connectors. But, since I don't really have too much experience with electronics (hopefully, this forum could help in that regard), it's really hard for me to identify those connectors. I've really tried to google different type of connectors, image search etc, but with no results. Well, to be honest, I did find one of the connectors and have ordered it, but it turned out that I've ordered wrong dimension.

    First, here is 2-pin type connector. I took its photo and have marked dimensions (in milimeters):

    Also, there is 3-pin connector. Same as before, I took photo and marked dimensions (in milimeters).
    Since for this connector I need both M (located on PCB) & F part, I took photo of them both:

    Thanks for any help! :)
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    Eek! Hopefully someone else will have a more helpful answer, but in my limited experience, I spend a lot of time searching when I need things like that. Sometimes there turns out to be a name or common application for a particular connector, so once you know the right name to search for, things get easy, but otherwise it's just a matter of browsing through tons of datasheets.

    I recently had a project where I needed to get a 4 pin connector to match pins on an SSR. It looked like it would be the most common cable in the world, but turned out to be hard to find, until... I found out that this particular cable arrangement was used in most 3D printers, so I was able to start searching for 3D printer cables and get mostly good results right away.

    Anyway, assuming no one comes through with a searchable name for those connectors, I'd recommend trying DigiKey or Mouser, both of which have deep parametric search and filter capabilities, allowing you to specify pin pitch, external dimensions etc.

    DigiKey connectors page:

    Here's the start of a parametric search that has narrowed things down somewhat. You'll need to refine it further if you can, or just start checking details on each result.

    Like I said, hopefully someone else can you point you more specifically in the right direction, but if not, the parametric search filters are much more helpful than Google, eBay, or Amazon search results in my experience.
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