Need help repairing Vevor KZ-SZM 15 mixer

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Good morning,

Recently I bought a Vevor KZ-SZM 15 mixers and it never worked.

Unfortunately, while taking a video, I snagged it with one of my legs, the camera was on the floor, and it fell on its side. This does not change much, because it was not working anyway.

I do not want to return it however because it is too bulky, and I would rather repair it. I believe this is possible.
Furthermore, I was wondering if any of you had the schematic plans of this device to help me.
What I can say is that there is an off button and a push on button.
I believe the push button is illuminated, but I never saw a light.
There is a switch on the side to ensure the "lid" is closed before switching on.
The timer also never worked.