NEED HELP PLEASE! Trying to import a diode on LTspice using Pspice model

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I can't get this simulation to work on my LTspice. The model I am trying to use is a BAV70lt1g and it doesn't seem to run because Pspice isn't compatible on Ltspice. I also tried to manually enter this inside the library function but I am having difficulty. If someone can please help me get the .asy and .lib file that would be appreciated!
.MODEL Dbav70lt1g d
+IS=7.85162e-09 RS=1.24107 N=1.93575 EG=1.1965
+XTI=0.5 BV=1000 IBV=0.0001 CJO=9.14173e-13
+VJ=2.14855 M=0.2 FC=0.5 TT=1e-09
+KF=0 AF=1


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The model works ok for me in LTspice. I just pasted the model text as a command on a schematic, added a default diode symbol and changed the 'D' type to 'Dbav70lt1g'.
You could also paste the text into LTspice's cmp/standard.dio file (back up the file first).