Need help making an AC adapter for camera with 4-pin Lemo plug input

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I bought an old Olympus i-Speed high speed camera head without a power supply and would like to make a suitable power supply for it myself. The official power supply uses a 4-pin Lemo connector (Lemo FGG.OB.304.CLAD52Z) and has these specs:
Input: 100–240VAC +/-10%, 1.5A minimum, 50--60Hz
Output: 12VDC, 36W minimum
This Lemo plug is sold on Aliexpress, and can buy a 12V 36W AC adapter to connect it to, but I'm having trouble understanding how this would work given the pinout:

1 Ground 3 +12V
2 +12V 4 Ground

I'm assuming just two wires come out of the AC adapter, positive and negative. If this is true, should I split the positive and connect it to pins 2 and 3, and split the negative and connect it to pins 1 and 4?

Please excuse my ignorance.

Thanks for taking the time!