Need help making a 555 and 4022be chip fire 7 copper coils one after another

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Tony Spence

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At the moment i have connected a 555 in astable mode and connected its output to the 4022be i've connect pin 8 and 16 with a 100nf capacitor, i've connected pin 16 to positive and pin 8 to negative, to get divide by 7 i connected 15 (reset) to pin 5? not sure if thats correct. I have more questions but would like to solve this first.


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What are you building?

Why are you connecting reset to pin 5? That's the 7th output, so the counter would count from 0 to 5 (6 pulses) and then go back to zero on the next pulse. I think you want to connect pin 15/reset to pin 10. That's the 8th pulse.
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