Need help making 20 meter magnetic loop antenna

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Would 5 feet circle using 3/8 soft copper tubing be enough to receive signal on the 20 meter band.


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If you tune it, yes. As you might suspect the larger the area of the loop and the more turns, the greater the sensitivity. For that small of a loop at such a low frequency you would be much better off using multiple turns.

The internet is full of examples of small loop antennas. For example: tuned 1m Dia HF loop antenna for 7 to 29MHz.pdf,118

And there are plenty more!


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In what sort of environment do you want to use it, i.e indoors, outdoors, loft, shed etc? We, (my old amateur radio group) did some experiments some years ago with mag loops, and came to the conclusion that a half size G5RV with antenna tuner vastly outperformed every mag loop they built for receiving in our location. Properly matched for transmitting, they performed well enough. Having said that, I have spoken to many operators who reckon they are the "mutts nuts" so could just be our guys were unlucky with the designs they tried.
The beauty of the G5RV is you can use it in so many different configurations, as a centre fed sloper, inverted "V," as a "T" and more or less any way you can arrange it.
But, if you are stuck for space, give the mag loop a try.


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If is not problematic for you ..
you can build Minkowski fractal antenna in a planar - panel way on a
piece of plastic or card board
dimensions are 30 x 30 cm.
You can use plastic insulated cooper wire and wind 10 turns in fractal shape.
here is a image :