Need Help Designing On Board Guitar Pedal

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I'm starting a project to make a fuzz pedal built into my telecaster guitar. It will have 5 switches; volume, gate, comp, drive, stab. I also want to add a knob with a push in button top to turn it off. I have a few circuit diagrams for it but have no clue how to make it into an actual working circuit that will fit into a guitar. I have 1 1/2 inches height to work with and would like to make the board as small as possible.
This is the pedal diagram. Also I would like to add that I will be Using a Bread board to test the sound before hand. I just don't know how to translate that into a circuit quite yet.
This is the space I have to work with, as the strings dont go through the body I have a decent amount of space on the back for the circuit.
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The AC128 is a PNP germanium transistor.
You will have a hard time to find this old transistor and when you find it it will be likely NOS and pricey.

You might want to have a look at this fuzz:
Baa-baa Fuzz Boost, a clone of the Bee Baa

This link comes from the GEOFEX site, with a lot more guitar effect circuits: