Need help deciphering ac motor symbol on schematic

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Hi, I have a dishwasher motor I am trying to use on a project. The motor isn't a standard 2 wired ac motor but has 4. There is a big start capacitor (I assume) on the side. A blue wire from it goes through a relay and back through the pink wire pin 4. The connection is NC, so power flows all the time. I did some testing and applying 110 to pins 1&3 which are nutral and power on the board, and nothing happened. So I touched pink and blue wire and it fired up. And once going I could disconnect it and the motor will still run. So I wired a little box with a momentary button and I would just hold it for a few seconds and it would fire up, thought I got it, but I go to pump water and I'm not able to let go of the button or it will stop. I figured the computer disconnected Power once going. But under load it doesn't seem to work that way.

Can anyone tell what the symbols Hi1, Hi2, Ho mean? If I wire the pink and the blue to be constant is there and issue? I Just don't understand why these 2 wires, pink and blue arnt connected together but through a relay, so for some reason the computer needs to disconnect it. I don't think it's to turn the pump on and off as the power that goes to it is controlled through a different relay.

Hopefully somone can shed some light on this? Thanks Jeremy6DA4D29F-C901-4EBE-BC7C-5C44541A4C01.jpegC508A1D7-2972-41A2-9151-FC63F8FD256E.jpeg06BEEC6F-F18F-4EEC-AF49-14BB8DA6E7CD.jpeg614658E3-2A41-4BA1-AEAD-8CABE4165CB8.jpeg