Need help correctly identifying Micro USB Type B port (Motorola MBP36s)

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Hey guys, I did a quick search and couldn't find a definitive answer.

Basically I have my Motorola MBP36s monitor has broken, the charger port has come loose. I took it to a local repair guy in Australia and he has taken it apart and removed the port (I have attached the pictures he has sent me but can also upload a more clearer one if required). He has given me the part to take into a local store but I was wondering if you guys could also have a look and help me identify the correct part (I am looking at element14 and jaycar, in which to purchase the part from)

So I have seen some existing threads that detail the part and I will also link them here in case they may provide more information. - marked as number 1 on the photo - comment 8 (although the post is more about the AV port)

I have looked online and think I may have found the part that I need and would like some feedback from you guys if possible

Which of these, if any, would be the correct one to directly solder onto the board. He says he can make do with a similar type but would prefer a more direct match.

Sorry if this is a stupid question as I am not too knowledgeable about this. Please let me know if my post is missing anything to better help my situation out as I am not too sure if I have provided all the information needed.