Need Help Can`t determine what this chip is

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I have a circuit board that is a brushless motor speed control. It is now dead, no control at all.
It has two rows of 8 - 8pin surface mounted I.C
The first have the following printed on them: I R P026H U2E4 F9310 ----(In the PO26H, could be O or 0, not sure)
The second row: I R P126H BOU3 F8788

What kind of MOSFETS are they? I tried to google search and could find nothing. If they are NOT expensive, I would like to try to replace to see if I can get it to work again. If possible, maybe one step in higher specs, again if NOT costly.

Please let me know what you think.
No I can`t get any help from the maker, besides buy a new one. I think heat did the damage, when you see the maker had NOT used heat sink compound to aid in heat transfer to the aluminum heat sink BUT a form of tape.
Thanks for your Time and Help.
First Row MOSFETS are IRF9310 (P channel MOsfets) and second row mosfets are IRF8788 (N channel). P channel mosfets are high side mosfets and N channel mosfets are for low side mosfets in Driving circuit.

May be surge damaged the IC. They didnt use the heatsink because application ratings(Voltage , current ) are less for reaching maximum junction temperatures of MOSFET IC ( may be below 70 to 80 C).



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Did you tester the resistance of each mosfet out of the circuit. If this good ,look the driving circuit.,
that drives the mosfets. As you guess ,you said i think..... you did not tell if you done removing it.